Press Release

Interview with native Victorian, Diane Dyer by Sarah Moore

October 21, 2018

We are sitting on a bench on Dallas Road, overlooking the quiet deep blue water. Quiet, today, thank goodness. There is still the vestiges of last week’s storm strewn on the beach. I am delighted to be meeting with Diane. She is one of the graduates of Oak Bay High School class of 1960 that are being featured in the Victoria Colonist as part of the series on graceful aging.


Diane is visiting this weekend, staying at the James Bay Inn where she is always a welcome guest.

I am immediately struck by her vigor and sense of confidence as she easily kept stride with me when we walked through Beacon Hill Park. She is dressed casually:, her jeans looked comfortably worn, and her youthful figure belied her age. I noticed how easily she wore her clothes and the simplicity of her lovely silver earrings and bracelet. A simple haircut that easily tousled in the breeze…she looked every bit a woman who knows who she is, no pretenses. We commented on the gorgeous fall foliage, the waning flowers and the changeless glory of this park, so familiar to each of us.

Sarah: Diane, you’ve lived away from this city for quite some time, and yet you return often. Why not live here now?

Diane: You know, Sarah, that had been on my mind for a long time; where do I want to live? As you know, the U.S. had been home to me for many years, since 1978. I found myself in Southern California for almost 30 years, then moved back to my beloved Northwest, to Seattle, to be close to my daughters. I so enjoyed the years there, but my soul was calling me home to Canada, and eventually around my birthday in July of last year, I moved to White Rock.

Sarah: OK, but still…why not Victoria?

Diane: (chuckling) Oh Sarah, sometimes compromises must be made. I knew I must be by my beloved Salish Sea, but, as you know, travelling back and forth from the Island to Seattle is quite a trek. White Rock is perfect! Just a few minutes from the border, I can be in Seattle in a little over two hours! So, I found a delightful cottage, so sweet, just up a block from the beach. I fell in love with it immediately!.One of my non-negotiables was a bedroom that opened up to the backyard, and there it was! I am back growing herbs and all my vegetables, and my two cats and my little dog just love it! I remodeled the kitchen completely before move-in, and it is fabulous! The bonus of this location is that I am just a half hour away from my sister! However…back to Victoria…I have a surprise for you, which I will reveal at the end of our interview!

Sarah: I see the twinkle in your eye, something is up! But on to the next question. You live a very elegant life, Diane. How did you create this for yourself?

Diane: You know, I couldn’t have answered this question a few years ago. To say I was stuck in fear is putting it lightly. Through my spiritual practice, and some soul-searching to dig up and throw out some old …oh, I call them blueprints…you know? Those silly beliefs that can hold you back. Call me late to the party, but I got there! My business just took off early 2016, and by the time I purchased the house, I was experiencing a freedom I had never known. You know, I have travelled more in the last 3 years than I ever did in my whole life! I just returned from a dream trip to Cuba and then Costa Rica!

Sarah: Wonderful! I am so impressed with your vitality and joie de vivre! Where does that come from?

Diane: (brushing her hair out of her eyes and laughing) Well, Sarah, where all livingness comes from. Within! I sing that old children’s song to myself often…you know…This Little Light of Mine? That is the light of Spirit that lives Itself as me, as you! That light is always ready to shine, but sometimes we hide it. We let fears and insecurities…and sometimes bad habits… get in the way. Once I decided I was beautifully enough, and could accomplish anything I wished to, it was easy to spread that loving message outward to others. And it shows, doesn’t it? Keeps me young!

Sarah: Yes, it does! What’s next for you?

Diane: Well, more travel and I now have the time to give back through giving to those who are doing good work in our world, and to also teach the spiritual principles I live by. I want to be a BIG Giver!

Sarah: My gosh, I have learned a lot about you today…and from you too! Ok, what’s the big surprise you have for me?

Diane: Let’s take a little walk along Dallas Road for a bit.

(We walked a few blocks, and then turned up one of the side streets just behind the park.)

Sarah: Ok, Diane what are we looking for?

Diane: Look at that building there across the street, the pretty one with all the dahlias out front, and look up to the top floor. THAT is my new Victoria apartment! I plan to spend more time here, and when I’m not here, I will gift my apartment to family and friends who would like a getaway to Victoria! Isn’t this great?

I gave her a kiss and a hug, and said “Indeed, that is great!” We parted ways at the next corner.