Who is Diane?

DIANE (9 of 9)_pp-2My name is Diane Dyer




Senior Citizen


Resident Alien in USA

Canadian Citizen

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

Certified Funeral Celebrant

Network Marketer


My essence words are: Connection, Wisdom, Serenity, Heart & Authenticity.

I have decided my totem animal (bird) is the Crow.

I don’t just love the ocean, proximity is essential to my sense of connection to Life.

My short prayer is: Peace, be still.

I cherish my children.

I think jeans are the best apparel ever invented.

Rumi speaks my language.

I highly dislike the smell of gasoline.

I embrace the paradoxes and mystery of life…most of the time.

Sometimes I just want answers.

I am a devoted kitty-mom.

I am more playful than others perceive.

I pick up pennies.

Gratefulness opens my heart, all ways and always.

I just can’t do sushi.

I love Leonard Cohen…and Johnny Depp

The color yellow. Flowers, walls, lemons, sunshine. Makes me smile.

My signature fragrance is Angel.

I know I am beautifully enough.

I am fiercely loyal to family.

I don’t understand people who post endless selfies.

My intuition is a faithful guide I have learned to trust.

I am perhaps the most curious person I know.

The Secret Garden is a book I return to time and time again.

I spell Beauty with a capital B. And Truth. And Goodness.






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