Week 24- Master Key Experience – Of Elephants & Butterflies

There’s a magical feeling to this week as we come to the close of our journey with MKMMA. So so much has ‘happened’ but it feels more like an unfolding, a transformation than a happening to me.

I have stayed the course, sometimes reluctantly, and I am very glad I did so. Huge virtual hugs go out to Mark, Davene and all the wonderful staff and guides (big hug to my guide, Sheila especially).

My confidence, my self-worth, my peacefulness, and my happiness quotient have all been upleveled as I learned to really trust ‘the world within’.

Butterfly Elephant

This beautiful image showed up on Facebook the other day and I was struck by the symbolism. It feels to me a metaphor for who we are growing to be as we conclude this six months. I grabbed a favorite book, Animal Speak, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. It’s a wonderful guide for finding one’s totem animal (or insect, or bird). The keynote of elephant is Ancient Power, Strength and Royalty. The keynote of butterfly is Transmutation and the Dance of Joy. How perfect to see these so gorgeously depicted as One!

“If elephant has come to you be prepared to draw upon the most ancient of wisdom and power. You will have an opportunity to either help yourself or others reclaim your/their most primordial royalty.”

“When butterfly shows up, make note of the most important issues confronting you at the moment. What stage of change are you in? Butterflies appear to dance as they light upon flowers. They awaken a sense of lightness and joy. They remind us that life is a dance…so dance!…dance brings the sweetness of life back.”

May you continue to be grow in the Strength and Power of the elephant and claim your Royalty! May you continue your Transmutation into the best you ever and claim your Dance of Joy!







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