Week 19 – Master Key Experience – Renewal


My DMP had been bugging me. For weeks I fought sitting down and making the revisions I thought it needed. After all, I had decided to change one of my PPN’s from Liberty to True Health. So that must mean giant changes to my DMP, right? Can you say ‘procrastinate’? My wonderful mastermind partner heard me say every week on our call that I was going to do it…this week. Finally, I made a renewed promise to her, and myself, that it would be done this week.

As I sat down to begin editing, I first changed the PPN at the top of the page. And…without any conscious thought, I typed out a definition of True Health. My definition! It took about half a minute.


Mental Clarity & Curiosity, Physical Vigor and Well-being, Emotional Balance, Psychological Soundness, Financial Freedom and Continuous Spiritual Growth.

Would you believe after writing this definition, I went to my DMP, read it through, and all that needed doing was a few little shifts in wording! No major revision required! True Health was there all the time!

I am reminded of the words from the Bible: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This is just how I feel now! Renewed!

Speaking of renewal, I am sitting in a coffee shop, and outside I can see little shoots of spring flowers poking through the wet earth, and outside my own living room earlier this morning I noticed the ornamental Cherry is budding! Hooray for Springtime!





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