Week 18 – Master Key Experience – Wiring Together

Andy Andrews

I am writing this on Saturday the 6th. For the first time in all the weeks of our journey, I missed the Friday night deadline. Well, perhaps this was no accident. I hadn’t made time to watch the movie this week, until today, and I also had signed up for a free live webinar to take place this morning. Guess I needed to wait for both these events to occur before I took ‘pen to paper.’

So… I will break this post into 3 segments:  The webinar this morning was called Something From Nothing with Stuart Davis, an artist in many mediums that I have followed. This webinar was to introduce an upcoming 6 month on-line course focused on moving forward a creative project that is wanting to be birthed. The tie-in with our work right now is our exercise on reading obituaries and being present to the three questions posed to us. I admit I have not followed the instruction to read obituaries because last Saturday I officiated a memorial service for a woman I have worked closely with in the writing of her service since August 31st of last year. She passed at Christmas. Working with her, I have been immersed in the dying process, and the three questions posed in the exercise. So how does this tie in with today’s webinar? Stuart put us through a very deeply profound meditation. He asked us to first vision ourselves looking down on our body lying lifeless on a table. Next, he asked us to think of an event from our first 5 years of life, then move forward to around our 10th year and think of an event, then our early teen years, our early 20’s…and then in the silence continue to vision events in our life every 5 years or so, until current, and to notice our feelings as we hover over our body, at the same time remembering these events. He then posed two questions:

Is there anything more I have to offer in this life, something to create?

What do I want to make sure I have added to this story of my life?                                              He then brought us out of the meditation a few moments later. It was very very powerful.

I just finished watching I Am. My younger daughter, Karin, and I had a long telephone conversation last Wednesday evening. The subject of homelessness in Seattle came up. Seattle has a very challenging problem currently. Karin and I talked about the good works that are being done, toward housing and temporary tent cities; however, there is a segment of our homeless that simply do not want to be helped. Generally, they are living in our neighborhoods in run-down mobile homes, and most are addicted. The trash situation is deplorable, and used syringes are a common sight. And…the car smash and grabs and home break-ins are escalating. Our inquiry to each other was what can we do, what on earth can be done with this aspect of the homeless community? One wants to feel compassion, and yet the criminal element must somehow be dealt with. We were in high frustration before we hung up. I had said to her that there needs to be more intervention in families that are vulnerable early on to stop the progression, and that it was a matter of people feeling disenfranchised and powerless that leads to this heart-wrenching societal situation. Watching I Am brought forth so beautifully the problems of disconnection in our society, and how each of us must be part of a solution. I will pass my DVD on to my daughter. And somehow, perhaps she and I can figure out how, in some small way, we can do something together to help this very immediate issue in our own backyard.

Another lovely linking occurred this week!  The book, The Traveler’s Gift by Any Andrews had been recommended to me. I went to his website, and after browsing around, I downloaded a summary of his 7 Decisions from the book. Here they are:

The responsible decision: The Buck Stops Here

The guided decision: I Will Seek Wisdom

The active decision: I Am a Person of Action

The certain decision: I Have a Decided Heart

The joyful decision: Today, I Will Choose to Be Happy

The compassionate decision: I Will Greet This Day With a Forgiving Spirit

The persistent decision: I Will Persist Without Exception

I love this quote from the Forgiveness decision: “I realize today that it is impossible to fight an enemy living in my head. By forgiving myself, I erase doubts, fears, and frustration that have kept my past in the present. From this day forward, my history will cease to control my destiny. I have forgiven myself. My life has just begun.”

Here is a little clip of Andy with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.


7 thoughts on “Week 18 – Master Key Experience – Wiring Together

  1. Thank you for this great post, Diane. You have given me much food for thought. And I really enjoyed watching the video clip — the principles Andy talks about are so much in line with what we are doing. I must read his book!


  2. What a fabulous post. Thank you for the 7 mantras to live by. I am going to put this up on my mirror instead of the gal in the glass. It is sooooo positive and who would not want to push the restart button every day and start fresh, clean, and with a positive attitude knowing that we have forgiven the past and we are free of it. Awesome!!!!

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  3. I just realized that I have a mantra attached to my computer by Matt Kahn:
    “May I be more unconditionally loving, more unconditionally forgiving, and more unconditionally accepting of myself today than ever before for the well being of all.”
    The same stuff coming in many different ways to people around the world. Sooooo cool how this is coming forward when we need it. Thanks soo much.

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