Week 17 -Heroes’ Journey


I have been thinking a lot about the heroes’ journey, and who in my life I see as heroes. There are many. The woman whose memorial service I wrote and will deliver this Saturday for sure is a hero. She had a dream and a powerful vision to see social justice and racial equality prevail in our country, and even though she was a ‘minority’ and did not come from an environment that supported her, she worked tirelessly, from the time she was a teenager for that cause. It was frustration and pain with what she saw happening that kept pushing her to excel in academics, and achieve a doctorate status in her career path of social work. When the pull of the vision of what could be, and how she could contribute, was so strong it couldn’t be denied, she set about teaching and mentoring those who could carry the vision forward. There were many setbacks and challenges, but she never ever allowed her vision to fade. Too early she contracted cancer, and the last few years she was without voice, literally. Through her will and her vision, she continued her work for as long as she could. She accepted the hero’s journey and her contribution to social justice will be long remembered.

My commitment to myself is to continue to step forward in my own journey. I am grateful for the clarity this MKMMA adventure has given me. Michael Beckwith said, “Pain pushes until the Vision pulls.” I see this six months as a space that has opened up to allow the pull of my DMP, my Vision to be so strong, that the painful push has receded into the nothingness from whence it came.

Peace and Blessings.


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