Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Making Over, Seeing Good

Kindnesses have shown up in abundance this week. I really love this Franklin Makeover process. Even though my focus this week has been self-control, kindness is very much present too. I wonder if this will be a progression where even though we choose a different virtue each week, the ones before will be so imprinted on our subconscious that we continue to ‘see’ them too! Awesome sauce!

Self-control. Wow. I have observed self-control in others more than I feel I have exercised it in my actions. I did not keep my promise to go to bed by 10 every night so that I could get up early. I did not stick to my menu plan effectively. I guess this week has pointed out to me where my desire to see these changes isn’t strong clear and vital  enough to see me through correcting behaviors…consistently. As Haanel says this week in 32, “This is because the Spirit of the thing is the thing itself, the vital part of it, the real substance. The form is simply the outward manifestation of the spiritual activity within.”

 It’s rained daily here in Seattle for a week. Today the clouds parted and the sun arrived. I’m off to enjoy!

 And…from the Universe

Pssst… Diane, it’s me again. You deserve more, you know, much more. And I just happen to have “some.” Imagine. Try this. STOP trying to predict, and therefore limit, where it’s going to come from. Just know it’s going to come and let me figure out the rest. Cool?     The Universe


5 thoughts on “Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Making Over, Seeing Good

  1. Yes, it is interesting to see how noticing kindness continues.. I love your observations about self-control in regard to Haanel’s “the spirit of the thing” — something clicked in my mind and it will be interesting to see how I fare when I reach my “self-control” week!


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