Week 17 -Heroes’ Journey


I have been thinking a lot about the heroes’ journey, and who in my life I see as heroes. There are many. The woman whose memorial service I wrote and will deliver this Saturday for sure is a hero. She had a dream and a powerful vision to see social justice and racial equality prevail in our country, and even though she was a ‘minority’ and did not come from an environment that supported her, she worked tirelessly, from the time she was a teenager for that cause. It was frustration and pain with what she saw happening that kept pushing her to excel in academics, and achieve a doctorate status in her career path of social work. When the pull of the vision of what could be, and how she could contribute, was so strong it couldn’t be denied, she set about teaching and mentoring those who could carry the vision forward. There were many setbacks and challenges, but she never ever allowed her vision to fade. Too early she contracted cancer, and the last few years she was without voice, literally. Through her will and her vision, she continued her work for as long as she could. She accepted the hero’s journey and her contribution to social justice will be long remembered.

My commitment to myself is to continue to step forward in my own journey. I am grateful for the clarity this MKMMA adventure has given me. Michael Beckwith said, “Pain pushes until the Vision pulls.” I see this six months as a space that has opened up to allow the pull of my DMP, my Vision to be so strong, that the painful push has receded into the nothingness from whence it came.

Peace and Blessings.


Week 17 – Master Key Experience – Making Over, Seeing Good

Kindnesses have shown up in abundance this week. I really love this Franklin Makeover process. Even though my focus this week has been self-control, kindness is very much present too. I wonder if this will be a progression where even though we choose a different virtue each week, the ones before will be so imprinted on our subconscious that we continue to ‘see’ them too! Awesome sauce!

Self-control. Wow. I have observed self-control in others more than I feel I have exercised it in my actions. I did not keep my promise to go to bed by 10 every night so that I could get up early. I did not stick to my menu plan effectively. I guess this week has pointed out to me where my desire to see these changes isn’t strong clear and vital  enough to see me through correcting behaviors…consistently. As Haanel says this week in 32, “This is because the Spirit of the thing is the thing itself, the vital part of it, the real substance. The form is simply the outward manifestation of the spiritual activity within.”

 It’s rained daily here in Seattle for a week. Today the clouds parted and the sun arrived. I’m off to enjoy!

 And…from the Universe

Pssst… Diane, it’s me again. You deserve more, you know, much more. And I just happen to have “some.” Imagine. Try this. STOP trying to predict, and therefore limit, where it’s going to come from. Just know it’s going to come and let me figure out the rest. Cool?     The Universe

Week 16- Master Key Experience – Did You Win the Lottery?


I didn’t. By Wednesday afternoon, the fever pitch was high; every 7-11 had lines out the door, and people waited for hours in other locations to get their prize-winning tickets. Quick pick? Or choose your own numbers. There was a long conversation on one of the daily talk shows about the prevailing wisdom on that subject.  Take all the money at once? Or spread it out in monthly payments. Another big topic of the day. A bigger question: If I win, how do I keep my newly-found wealth?

Part 16 of The Master Keys:

Line 1: Wealth is a product of labor. Capital is an effect, not a cause; a servant, not a master; a means, not an end. I would add that the word ‘labor’ could mean more than the actual work; it also speaks to understanding and doing what is required to create an environment for wealth; and that is done in the inner world.                                        Line 5: Wealth then should never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.

Could this explain why so many who win the lottery end up losing all of it in a short time, while others are good stewards of their winnings, and use it for good? I believe so. There must be a higher ideal in place.

Line 13: Premature wealth is but the forerunner of humiliation and disaster, because we cannot prematurely retain anything which we do not merit or which we have not earned. BINGO!

I truly believe if I, or any of the rest of this tribe of MKMMA’ers were to win a lottery, because of the work we are doing here, we would be of merit, and mighty grateful good stewards of our winnings!

Here is my note from the Universe that dropped into my mailbox this morning:

“Diane! Now! Go! Stake your claim! Hold out your hands. Move, get ready, give thanks. Imagine, and let go. Act, and have faith. Persist. Do what you can, when you can, all you can. Because never again, not in a million years, not over ten thousand lifetimes, will you ever again be as close as you are today. Ungawwa,  The Universe”



Week 15 – Master Key Experience – I See!

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight” ~ Goethe

Haanel writes:  “Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet; we can therefore overcome them before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty. Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in the Silence, by concentration.”

Some call this ‘seeing with the inner eye”. And truly, it takes courage to look within and then trust and act upon the knowledge gained. Haanel writes: “Knowledge does not apply itself. That our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent and habit. That the only way we can get ourselves to apply knowledge is by a determined conscious effort.”

I am quietly sitting with these thoughts from this week’s reading. Not only in my literal sit, but in my comings and goings; keeping fresh before me the truth that “principle is not bound by precedent”.

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” ~ Oliver Wendall Holmes   Boy, this feels true to me today!Insight

Week 14- Master Key Experience- Hold Fast to Dreams

The poet, Langston Hughes, wrote:

Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams. For when dreams go, Life is a barren field, frozen with snow.


Dare to Dream

I watched not one, not two, but three of the films recommended for this week. One (Door to Door) because it had been on my Netflix queue for a couple of years, and I kept bumping it down the list! The other two from a friend in MKMMA who had rented them from the library. Loved them all. But Rudy….my goodness. That boy’s dream was full-fledged from the time he was a little boy, and it mattered not that his family and culture circumstances said it was impossible. He had a strong Definite Major Purpose, and if I were to choose his PPN’s, Legacy would be one for sure, and I suspect Liberty the second. To say he had a burning desire to break free from his very blue-collar, let’s- not- make –waves- with- desires- of –change message is an understatement . With great humility, he sought out and accepted mentors and “cheerleaders” (MMA). No matter what obstacles were placed before him, he persisted. Single-mindedness of purpose kept him positive and when faltering, he shored himself up with his alliances and his sheer grit. Undergirding all was a Plan of Action that was clear and focused. Truly an inspiration, and it made me think of how that burning desire fueled him to victory, and what can I learn from this? I take the words of Langston Hughes to heart: Hold fast to dreams: protect them, treasure them, allow them to create passion and purpose in my life.

Today is New Year’s Day. As we enter this year, and the final half of our MKMMA journey, I send you my love…to Mark and Davene, our wonderful guides, and all of you brave souls I am journeying with.